Before you Replace, Reinforce

In tough industrial functions, a pneumatic tire is a liability. If you’re working with air-filled tires that can’t get the job done, RDH Tire & Retread can give them the flat-proof reliability of solid tires efficiently and affordably. Rule out flats by using the most effective tire flat-proofing technology in the world. Upgrade your heavy equipment with TyrFil polyurethane flat-proofing. RDH can fill any size tire with either pure virgin polyurethane or chunk, depending on your application.

Eliminate Flat Tires Forever

TyrFil not only extends the life of your tires, but it also keeps vehicles moving through hazardous conditions to avoid costly equipment downtime. Its addition has no impact on tire balance or structural integrity. The resilience of this technology has been demonstrated in both military and industrial scenarios, and it’s proven to make a measurable impact both financially and operationally. Once your filled tires finally do wear out, we can retread your existing filled casings to save you the huge expense and waste of foam.

How TyrFil Works

The TyrFil system is installed by pumping liquid polyurethane through a tire’s valve system to replace all air. The tire is pressurized to operating pressure, then left to cure for 24 hours. TyrFil more closely mimics the feel of air-filled tires than that of solid tires.