For many applications, sidewall reinforcement is just a perk. For others, it’s mission critical. While flat-proofing is a reliable solution, in some cases it’s just not cost-effective or even necessary. At RDH Tire & Retread, we offer industrial sidewall protectors as an optional add-on for those companies that truly need it.



Reinforced Resilience

Many of today’s tires are reinforced at key points in the sidewall to protect against accidental damage from curbs or debris. This is great for on-road vehicles, but in the case of highly stressed construction machines, out-of-the-box protection won’t cut it. When you need added durability to chew through rugged terrain, a specialized sidewall protector can be the ideal practical solution. Our sidewall shields create a barrier between the tire surface and damaging terrain for absolute tear, puncture, cut, and snag resistance. They’ll keep your machines mobile through the toughest mission requirements.

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