After 30 years in the tire retreading and repair business, we know that tough job conditions require diverse solutions. We’re not intimidated by new options hitting the market; we just make additions to our service capabilities. To better serve our customers, we’ve added Marathon Liner removal and refitting to our lineup of services.

Marathon, the patented Australian flat-proofing system, provides cost-saving benefits similar to those offered by TyrFil or solid tires. In addition to flat-proofing tires, this reusable, recyclable system improves stability, weight-bearing capacity, and the evenness of tread wear. RDH Tire & Retread is delighted to have the ability to remove and refit Marathon liners for our customers who prefer this option.

One of the things that makes Marathon liners so trustworthy – but more difficult to service – is that they are often custom-engineered for large industrial tire configurations. Our team has the expertise and equipment to maintain Marathon Liners effectively and efficiently. When you’re ready to repair or retread a tire that’s been fitted with a Marathon liner, or when you want to fit a used liner to a new application, give us a call.