Effortless, Affordable East Coast Tire Freight

Address the needs of your entire operation at once with our East Coast tire freight services, which cover the entire eastern half of the United States. We’ll take care of pick-up and delivery by adding your company to our regular route and ensure efficient and timely turn-around. RDH utilizes 11 tractor trailers that run regular weekly routes from Miami to Boston to accommodate all our dealers’ needs. Each truck in our tractor-trailer fleet is equipped with a boom to facilitate efficient and timely delivery and pick up.

When you work with RDH, you’ll enjoy the convenience and security of an all-in-one tire retreading solution. Cut out the third-party freight carriers who mark up their services and act as middlemen. Our freight services complement the highest-quality retread and repair services in the industry, combined with industrial tire mount, dismount and scrap tire disposal. It’s a 100% professional service designed around the tire-freight needs of dealers and fleets. And don’t worry about the size of your operation. We can accommodate full or partial loads depending on your needs.

Please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your freight service needs with you.