Responsible Scrap Tire Disposal

Here at RDH Tire & Retread, we’ll do everything we can to keep your OTR tires at work. But when your tires finally become unusable, you’ll need to get rid of them responsibly. We specialize in impossibly big OTR tires, and we understand the unique challenges these tires present when they’re no longer useful. Let us help you keep your job site and community clean by safely disposing of your scrap tires for you.

Responsible tire remediation is critical to avoiding costly penalties. Each state has its own strict laws governing scrap tires, and you can be heavily penalized for leaving them lying around. RDH can handle all of your OTR scrap tire disposal needs from a 24” wheel diameter and up, whether your tires simply need to be picked up or must be removed from challenging places. Our team can even take care of dismounting. Since we have our own dedicated East Coast tire freight fleet, we are able to accept full or partial truckloads and in some cases can handle scrap tire pickup on our weekly routes. When you work with RDH, you can rest easy knowing that our scrap tire disposal meets all required government standards.