Founded in Cleveland, North Carolina, in 1987, RDH Tire & Retread Co. is the largest retreading operation in the United States. Our successful growth over the past 30 years is a testament to the solid partnerships we’ve forged with our customers. Those relationships have been built on the consistent integrity of our products and services and our constant commitment to excellent customer service and support.

Utilizing a fleet of tractor trailers that services the Eastern half of the United States, RDH predominately serves dealer clients throughout the Atlantic states, including urban and rural sites from Miami to Boston. We have the capabilities for retreading and repairing all size tires up to 60/80R57 and 59/80R63.

RDH was founded on the belief that “Being courteous, efficient and timely will produce the best products in the industry.” Over the years, that commitment has proven correct, and we’ve been consistently rewarded with the opportunity to expand our capabilities and capacity to better serve our clients.

Why Retread & Repair?

In today’s OTR tire market, retreading has become the ultimate value. Repairing or retreading tires when they sustain damage restores them to peak performance while reducing operating costs and extending the life of each tire significantly. When you re-manufacture your OTR tires instead of replacing them, you’ll minimize tire cost and waste. OTR Tire retreading and repairing improves performance, sustains tire life, and increases business efficiency.

Why RDH?

We provide the highest quality retreading and repair services, along with the most comprehensive complementary services in the industry. We keep costs down by extending the life and functionality of your OTR tires, and we minimize your downtime by also handling industrial tire mount and dismount, East Coast tire freight, and scrap tire disposal. With 30 years under our belts and 60+ retreads out the door each day, RDH Tire & Retread is equipped to handle the needs of the heaviest-duty industrial fleets.