OTR Mold Cap Design

Though RDH is strictly a cut-tread and pre-cure retread facility, it’s important to us that we provide a comprehensive set of services to meet the needs of our customers. When mold caps are required, they are provided through our sister company, BR Retreading, in Glasgow, KY. RDH can handle all your logistical needs if mold caps are what you require. Our access to this complementary service ensures that we have the resources to meet the needs of your entire fleet.

New to Mold Capping?

Mold Capping is simply a different process for recapping than the one we use at RDH. In a mold-cap process, unvulcanized rubber is applied to the tire casing, then the tire is placed in a mold where the tread is formed with the help of heat and pressure. This molding step is an alternative to the computer-assisted grooving process by which we create our tread designs.

Thanks to our partnership with BR Retreading, we’re able to service all our dealers’ tires under the umbrella of RDH. If your operation requires mold cap design, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we have the experience and capabilities to meet your needs.