Achieving Your Ideal OTR Tire Tread Design

What would a tire repair service be without a full lineup of tread designs? When you need a replacement, retread, or repair, you can rest assured that RDH Tire & Retread has you covered.

We offer diverse tread patterns to meet the needs of all types of equipment, tire sizes, and industrial applications. We can replicate or recreate most major manufacturers’ tread patterns, as well as those of OE tires. Whether you’re retreading tires for trucks, graders or loaders we’ll match your tire tread design to the job to be performed and the conditions of your job environment. We offer a complete complement of tread designs, tread depths, and custom tread compounds.

At RDH Tire & Retread, we consider absolute adherence to tread design to be one of the most important aspects of retreading. Our state-of-the-art CNC-driven groovers deliver precise tread depths and tread patterns to match any of our customers demanding applications. When you retread with RDH, your tires won’t just match the appearance of your chosen tread design. They’ll have the flawless integrity to match the performance and durability of brand-new tires.