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1. Initial Inspection
Tires are inspected thoroughly for punctures, cuts, and any type of separation.  All repairs are marked, and the tire is then approved to continue to the next station.  If the tire does not pass our standards for repairing and retreading, it is then rejected and sent back to the dealer.

​2. Buffing

Tires are de-treaded and buffed to remove their old, worn tread design.  Our computerized buffer is programmed to buff each tire to precise uniformity, constant radius, and undertread thickness.  Although our buffer has a computerized measurement system, our operator also uses a manual tape to insure correct measurements.

3. Skiving
The buffed surface is inspected for any hidden defects that would prevent the tire from being retreaded or repaired.  An air tool is used to seek out any cuts or penetrations in the buffed surface.  The damage is removed leaving a smooth texture without scorching the rubber surface.  Any damaged wire filament is removed with an aluminum oxide grindstone mounted in a high speed drill.